A 300 m2 villa with pool designed “sur mesure” at a butterfly shape for a foreign family who loves Greece and the Meditteranean sea.
Situated on a waterfront plot at a peninsula of the Peloponnese.
Lines are austere and quite audacious, concrete surfaces prevail, high glass panels let the eye embrace the infinite blue of the ocean. The final result resembles a butterfly on the rocks !
The 300 m2 are dispersed equally among the three levels – underground, ground and first floor – providing enough space for the family’s various activities. Therefore we designed apart from the necessary four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a spacious living room with open plan kitchen also a home cinema room for 12 people, a gym, a sauna cabin, a wine cellar and a warehouse. The warehouse needed special attention as the owner intends to create a small vineyard on the one side of the villa and an olive trees plantation on the other. The warehouse should provide for wine making and olive gathering – a meditteranean feast!


The pool is butterfly shaped also, reinvested with oceangreen color tiles to reflect the sunlight in a natural way creating beautiful iridescences.


A challenge for our engineering team was the owner’s wish to add a helicopter base on the terrace. Therefore we designed a special, independent shell over the main cement structure in order to absorb the vibrations and the weight of a helicopter landing.