EUPHORIA MOUNTAIN RETREAT was designed to serve the accommodation needs of an out doors mountain and riding sports centre. The owners wanted to provide an integrated experience to visitors by giving them an accommodation that is country style, relaxing and offers many different ways to enjoy the pristine natural landscape and magnificent views. It should also be ideal to use for the hosting of marriage banquets or birthday parties.  The design of the residences incorporates selected bioclimatic design strategies based on climate analysis, and the constraints posed by the inclination of the land. Key design goals were to minimize heat losses and to make optimal use of solar radiation to achieve passive solar space heating of the residence during the cold, winter season, as well as natural ventilation ( exploiting the natural air currents of the area ) and adequate sun protection of the facades, during the hot, summer season. Some of the elements used in the specific project for a more sustainable, green, design are: external thermal insulation composite systems, thermal break wooden window frames, energy crystals, use of rainwater and separation of water-supply systems, biological wastewater treatment, backup solar system, heat pump assisted by solar panels, and more. Architecturally the style is country and aims to highlight the green retreat that is both comfortable and unique. The 200 m2 available were divided into 2 apartments of 100 m2 that can be joined in one. Front verandas are spacious and in easy connection to the pool. On each roof we designed a little veranda with access from inside, for romantic nights under the stars or long afternoons gazing the mountain line at the company of a drink. Under the ground there is basement of 200 m2 for all the supplies and sports accessories that must be easily accessible and in order. The pool area is spacious enough for the entertainment of the visitors but also for some special occasion. Bathrooms are sculpted with cement mortar in washed natural colors. Traditional & country decorative elements are mixed with the bioclimatic technology to offer a space of high eco standards that keeps its mountain retreat identity.