Lidl Supermarket

LIDL SUPERMARKET Project   Description – Galatas, Peloponnese

Conception of the Investment Project, Architectural Study & Building Permit.


On a plot of 11.400 m2 facing the main road connecting Epidaurus with Galatas and Ermioni.

Building surface area : 1.288,68 m2

The design evolved around the idea that a supermarket of such size should not  “invade” the small rural area of Galatas but rather try to match the existing building plan of the village and surrounding environment.

Therefore we searched to avoid city-like aesthetics and  hard materials commonly used for food supermarkets ( steel, glass etc) and instead use more earthy materials such as brick and roof tiles.


The final result respected the basic restrictions that apply to all Lidl shops across the country but kept its own provincial identity and comfort-feel.

Functionality was also a first priority target as supply should take place rapidly and obstacle-free, counters had to be front row by the entrance and a private office for stuff is needed.

Before everything we designed and executed the bureaucratic procedure to issue the special permit for the traffic junction.