Architectural Studies & Building Permits

We undertake the issuing of construction licenses according to the specifications of the New Building Regulation.


We prepare construction designs ready to use ON SITE and not simple designs for submission to the official services. Our designs include all details and real conditions that the mechanic on site is going to face. Using these designs workers on site have a safe roadmap without need for more clerifications – This leads to quick execution of works. The difference in time and money of the final construction is HUGE !

Architectural study

A good architectural study is the cornerstone of a strong, beautiful building  that brings quality into the life of its inhabitants and adds value to the surrounding environment.

It is the field where the Architect mixes all his knowledge, experiences, culture and talent into a creative process.

Our moto on Architecture is : People first.

We devote a lot of time and effort, imagination and consideration in order to produce the best possible architectural design.

That is a design that serves the client’s needs and aspirations and not the architect’s vanity.

We discuss a lot with you about your  preferences, lifestyle, needs and future plans. We prepare alternative proposals and discuss on variable solutions.

The final design is presented in a 3d form in order to help you visualize the end result, understand better the aesthetics of the forms and the functionality of the spaces.

Detailed designs are prepared for the official building permit file.

Very important : Our final designs are construction designs which means that when our workers take them into their hands they are guided throughout the whole construction to the finest detail. It is the only way that guarantees the best quality of construction, cost efficiency and speed.

To sum up …a very good architectural study directs a very good construction – and we offer both !

Lighting and Landscape studies are also prepared upon request.

Sustainable design, functionality and aesthetics serve as means to accomplishing

our greater end:

High quality of life for the people living and working inside the buildings and seamless integration of those constructions in the natural and urban environment.

Building Permit

The Building Permit is a permit that allows the execution of the building works specified in the permit and the accompanying studies and is issued by the responsible Constructions Office.

A Building Permit is obligatory for every new construction, change of use, repairs using scaffolding, additions to existing building.

The Building Permit is not just a beaurocratic procedure. In reality it is a necessary tool as it determines the minimal technical specifications and studies necessary for a quality and safe construction.

Studies that accompany/ necessary for the Building Permit

The minimum necessary studies for issuing a Building Permit vary according to building type and its use.

In general, the basic ones are :

  • Land Map (topographic layout)
  • Architectural study
  • Static study
  • Water supply study
  • Drainage study
  • Energy output study
  • Heating study
  • Electricity study
  • Air Conditioning study
  • Passive Fireprotection study
  • Budget
  • Time programming study

 Building Permit Cost

The cost of a Building Permit differs based on size and use of a building and the studies needed. This cost includes the mechanics’ fees, the fee of the Public Reserve, the Municipality fees, the Insurance fees, the Technical Chamber fees.

The mechanics fees are separated in study fee and supervision fee. These fees are determined by free negotiation with the owner taking into account the minimal fees dictated by the Technical Chamber of Greece for tax purposes. For the issuing of a Building Permit all fees and contributions  have to be paid in advance.

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