Building homes and summer villas is our passion. To us good Architecture is a fine Mixture of knowledge, talent, deep perception of customer’s needs-habbits-lifestyle, functionality, and aesthetics.

Our perception of design

Paraphrasing Le Corbusier, we believe “ A house is a beautiful machine for living in”.

Turn-key service

A turn-key service is an integrated set of services: we undertake every phase of designing – taking permits – constructing – interiors – equipment – landscape – surrounding additional services. What’s left to you is turning the door key to a finished, equipped, ready to use home ! To do so, we communicate intensely  with you, so that the end result is your materialized dream.

Our customers are mainly people who live abroad and choose us as a reliable partner in Greece.

Why build with us

Working with us on your house project means:

  • You will be given alternative ideas and SOLUTIONS
  • You will be always SAFE – legally & technically
  • You will be UPDATED very ofteρ
  • You will always be ON TIME ( we commit ourselves and SIGN it ! )
  • You will always be IN BUDGET ( we pre-calculate total cost with all costs included and we SIGN it  – no misunderstandings, no hidden costs, no unpleasant surprises with us)

At the end of each project our customers have become our friends and our best advertisers !