We have trained personnel for the issuing of certifications and special licenses.


According to law 4178/2013 every contract concerning property has to be accompanied by a certification from an engineer that the building is either legal or the illegalities have been legalized. The certification is issued with the use of the Ministry of Environment & Energy electronic system.

The certification is rapidly issued as soon as we collect and/or prepare all necessary documents and designs needed for submission into the electronic system.

The certifications expire in 2 months and – before notary contracts – they are submitted into the system and take a unique id number concerning the building. This unique number will be referred in the contracts.

Basic Documents needed :

  1. Property/ ownership titles
  2. Building Permit
  3. Certified Architectural designs
  4. Documents of legalization of arbitrary constructions



The Store Operation License is the final license issued for the creation and operation of a business by the Municipality or the Region Authority.

A Store Operation License is needed for example for a Restaurant, a Cafeteria, a Medical Office etc.

We offer :

Free of Charge Inspection of the Building

We control whether the building applies to the technical specifications for the future use.

Technical Control

Autopsy on site to determine the size and type of works needed until the store is ready for operation.

Studies and Approvals

We compose all necessary studies and designs and we undertake all the necessary work for the completion of the file and the final issuing of operations license.


Budget of Constructions and Store Construction

We understand the Bussinesman need for early opening of the Store and within Budget.

We create attractive and functional stores ready for Good Business and Big Revenues!