We undertake the renovation of your home, shop or professional space with respect to your needs and the final quality.


We use modern 3d designing techniques. We work with certified materials and trained-skilled workforce to achieve the technical standards and the agreed cost on the right time. By upgrading your space both aesthetically and functionally we give extra value to your property !

Our services include

  • Precise imprinting of the existing space before and after renovation.
  • Architectural proposal on a 3dimensional design.
  • Analytical cost evaluation and technical description of works.
  • Issuing of official permit – when necessary.
  • Reconstruction based on time-schedule by skilled craftsmen.
  • Use of tested materials provided by reliable suppliers.
  • Monitoring – on site – of works by our company’s mechanics.
  • Safety measures.
  • Preparation of all bureaucratic work associated.

Renovation in 3 steps

  • We visit your space – free of charge – for an autopsy.
  1. We study your needs, the specifications of the project, the economic resources demanded.
  2.  We design the best architectural solution applying our skills, knowledge and experience.
  3.  We construct  by using the right materials combined with the best craftsmen, under the surveillance of our mechanic. On time, within budget. No extra charges, no surprises !!!